YMCA Membership Fee Update

This Fall, the YMCA of Northeastern Ontario, along with YMCAs across Canada, will be implementing a new membership software system. This new software will offer enhanced customer service including, for the first time, the ability for members and participants to register for YMCA memberships, programs and services online. Staff are currently working hard to ensure a smooth transition.

At the same time, our YMCAs have also been reviewing our current membership categories to determine where changes could be made to better serve our members and our community. Our research has shown an opportunity for updates that would benefit individuals and families while allowing us to continue to deliver the highest quality programs and services possible.

As a result of these findings, and in coordination with the launch of our new software system, the Board of Directors of the YMCA of Northeastern Ontario wishes to announce the YMCA will be introducing a single-price YMCA Family Membership which will replace our current tiered-price family membership. We will also be offering a more inclusive Young Adult Membership (for everyone ages 18-29 years) which will replace our current Student Membership (for students ages 18-24 years). Finally, the YMCA is updating our memberships to include a new and convenient bi-weekly payment option.

Our new membership fees beginning September 15, 2017 will be:

Category 1 Year (Old) 1 Year (New) Monthly (Old) Monthly (New) Bi-weekly (*New*)
Adult (30-59) $573.89 $586.56 $51.77 $52 $24
Senior (60+) $516.81 $496.32 $46.64 $44 $20
Young Adult (18-29) $401.77 $439.92 $36.28 $39 $18
Teen (15-17) $332.26 $349.68 $30.00 $31 $14
Child (0-14) $271.40 $349.68 $24.65 $31 $14
Adult Couple $975.66 $981.36 $88.05 $87 $40
Senior Couple $918.58 $834.72 $82.92 $74 $34
Family up to $1,440.80^ $1,173.12 up to $130.09^ $104 $48

* All prices subject to applicable HST
^ Depending on family composition

Depending on your current membership payment, fee changes will automatically take effect on September 15th or October 1st for all single members and primary family members. If you are part of a couple or family and would like to take advantage of our new family membership prices, or if you would like to sign up for bi-weekly payments, please speak with our Membership Services Staff today!

Thank you for your continued support,

Alex McCauley
Chair, Board of Directors
YMCA of Northeastern Ontario