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In Bronze Medallion emphasis is placed on the lifesaving principles embodied in the four components of water-rescue education: judgement, knowledge, skill, and fitness. Rescuers learn tows and carries as well as defense methods and releases, preparing them for challenging rescues of increased risk involving conscious and unconscious victims of various types.

In Bronze Cross, lifesavers who want the challenge of more advanced training are introduced to safe supervision in aquatic facilities. This class focuses on the principles of teamwork, procedures and the use of special equipment.

Bronze Medallion – August 11th (4:30pm-8:30pm), 12th (8:30am-4:30pm) and 13th (8:30am-4:30pm)
Bronze Cross – August 18th (4:30pm-8:30pm), 19th (8:30am-4:30pm) and 20th (8:30am-4:30pm)

$90 for YMCA members
$125 for non-members

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