Join the YMCA Chippewa Street Leaders



Do you have a child that is 10-11 years old? Do you want your child to learn how to be an effective leader? Do they want to become someone who can communicate with and motivate their peers and the community in a positive way? Then the YMCA Chippewa Street Leaders is the program to join! Throughout this 9-week program, the YMCA wants to teach your child how to become a leader.

How? This program will be focused on 4 pillars which include; Respect, Communication, Responsibility, and Inclusiveness. All of these pillars will allow our youth to develop a foundation for mental and physical health while developing healthy relationships within themselves, their peers and their community. In our 9th and final week, our leaders will be guided to organize a community outreach event that will get the leaders involved in the community. In planning and preparing for this community engagement program, participants will utilize the skills delivered to them within the 8 weeks.

The YMCA Chippewa Street Leaders program begins Monday, February 13th from 6-8pm. Call 705-497-9622 or visit the YMCA to register today!