Our Board of Directors


Successful and committed charities require an equally successful and committed board of directors. The YMCA of Northeastern Ontario has unique, committed and remarkable board members, all volunteers, drawn from the communities we serve. Each work to ensure our YMCA fulfills its mission and achieves its work for our constituent communities and for the region.

YMCA of Northeastern Ontario Board of Directors

  • Johanne Brousseau (Director/North Bay)
  • Brian Coufal (Vice Chair/Sudbury)
  • Andrew Finlay (Director/North Bay)
  • Helen Francis (Chair/Sudbury)
  • Kristian Gareau (Director/Sudbury)
  • Gisele Lynch (Past Chair/North Bay)
  • Anna-Maria Marcuccio (Director/Sudbury)
  • Brian McBain (Director/Sudbury)
  • Alex McCauley (Director/Sudbury)
  • Mary O’Farrell-Bowers (Director/North Bay)
  • Jessica Pope (Director/Sudbury)
  • Dave Saad (Vice Chair/North Bay)
  • Tom Welton (Director/North Bay)